Monday, January 7, 2013

New Downloads Section


I've added a Downloads gadget at the bottom of the navigation panel (at the right). Any files that are specific to Noble Pursuit's tutorials I'll list there.  I've made available the 'Small Cottage' files (minus assembly instructions for now).

Small Cottage

See the Small Cottage tutorial on this blog:

See the Small Cottage templates:

I made an earlier version of the templates available but they were at 66 MB!  I remembered this time to use the [smallest] setting within Adobe Illustrator and got them down to about 1 MB each.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MEST Dice stickers and cubes

MEST Dice Labels

EDIT 2013.02.04: I've updated the MEST designs.  There are stickers for blank 16 mm dice, and slightly larger ones for indented 19 mm dice.  There is even a set of 25 mm print-and-play dice.  

The PDF is here:

16 mm dice will use the 0.5" (12.7 mm) stickers. The 19 mm indented dice will use the 14.3 mm stickers.  The print-and-play 25 mm dice might be a little light.  With some effort these could possibly be cut-out and applied to 25 mm cubes as well.

Within the MEST rules (beta version 1.4); White is "Base" dice, red is "Modifier" dice, and yellow is "Wild" dice.  Successes are the small dark circles.  Carry-over conditions apply when the large cog-wheel is dark black instead of faded-gray.


If you'll note the sticker art, I tried to make the faces cross-system.  So, all faces are numbered 1 thru 6; actually 4, 5, 6 are not necessarily clearly identified because of the aforementioned art.  But the design is yet systematic; the face with a square is a '6'. It is also marked with a small 6 at one corner.  The face that is a '5' shows a small five at one corner.  The remaining face that is not identified with a small number has to be and is indeed the '4' face.  This lets me have these ranges: 1 - 6, odd/even (with or without black artwork), one-third (shows a small 5 or 6 in the corner), or one-sixth (has a small square).  I admit that the utility of most of those features is probably limited, but it does make for some interesting art without too much clutter.

Indented Dice

Here are two places to order six-sided dice with indented faces.
USA via Indented Blank Dice at
Over the Pond via Blank Dice UK at

Once my order comes in I'll show them decorated with those stickers.