Wednesday, July 1, 2015

MEST 1.60 Updates

MEST 1.60 I think is ready.

OK. This is for the current 1.x rules set.  I've updated that to version 1.60 and released it to the Google Sites location. This rules set is just the Basic Rules for which I will leave on the Web for ever; I hope to not make any more changes to it.

So here's what's been up with that rules set:
  1. I got rid of one of the conditions that caused a character to be Distracted when fighting an opposing character with higher REF.  This was hard to enforce . Also gone in version 2.0.
  2. I got rid of one of the conditions that allowed a character to be no Engaged when in a Scrum which outnumbers the opponent. This was hard to determine quickly. Also gone in version 2.0.
  3. I excised most of the Sample Assemblies. It really was too much to keep up the Build Point [ BP ] costs of each of the entries.
  4. I updated the dice labels for custom blank dice. Basically I added some green to make it easier to read carry-overs.
  5. I updated the Resource Cards using feedback from the convention games.  
  6. I updated the Reference Sheet. Just BP changes.
  7. I updated the set of markers and tokens.  Labeled tokens for those people which do not have access to arts & crafts beads and baubles.

Here's the link: