Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Demo Set I :: The Fighters

I've been busy constructing  a demo set of 1:18 scale (90MM) figures and terrain.  This would be useful for when I attend conventions, like perhaps the CelestiCon or PacifiCon events coming up this Labor day. I'm using the Schleich New Heroes figures that I recently purchased from Really Great Toys.

Initial Set

I decided to purchase a small set of 6 figures.  I'll expand this as new figures arrive.  Here's shots of them.  Apparently the New Heroes are warrior representatives from various cultures.  I'm not sure if they are from the same period in history.  They are each about 3.5 inches tall.  I chose the Minotaur on-line but it also is just 3.5 inches tall; I had wanted something a bit taller to be imposing.









Though the figures are 3.5 inches (90MM) tall, I decided to base them on 3.0 inch discs in order to limit the size of the arena I'd need to construct.  Even at 3.0 inch bases, a 24 MU arena would be about 6 feet (2 meters) across!

For the demo, the furniture skid pads and these
push pins should be clearly identifiable.

The base of the Northerner.  I added small pebbles.

The Egyptian. 

The Minotaur.

My movement sticks.  8 MU long. The smaller ones
are 1 MU is 30mm (1.25 inch).  The larger ones are
1 MU is 90mm (3.00 inch). That's 2 feet long!

You can see how the larger sticks
are segmented to match the bases.

Some Primer Coat

Actually it's just black paint.  I got this far last night.  Since the arena I intend to build should be desert terrain I'll need to dry-brush these with some tan, yellow, and white.  Coming soon.

All purdy.