Sunday, July 28, 2013

A box of primed and based minis

Sadly, I started these over a month ago.
Sort of a mixed bag of fantasy figs from various eBay purchases.
I have never had a lead pile before as I used to always paint what I had before I bought more.
I was getting a little carried away and I have about 2-3 times this many miniatures sitting around in boxes, un-primed or based.
I am hoping to get back into the painting groove soon.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Old School Fantasy Battle Rep 07-26-2013

Robert and I managed to get a in game at The Game Kastle in nearby Santa Clara last night.

I have recently moved so still no new painted miniatures to show off.
Also my terrain is all stored away in my garage surrounded by boxes to unpack, so Robert and I used some of the terrain that the staff from Game Kastle leaves out for their customers to use.

This was my  group. I chose the Heroic, Leader, Elite, Brawler, Marksman and Scout Archetypes for my group.

This was Robert's group (a little fuzzy). Robert chose the Leader, Martialist, Brawler and Acrobat Archetypes. We played the Fracas scenario where players take turns placing miniatures anywhere on the board, one or two at a time, as long as they are out of sight and not within 8 inches of an enemy model.

The Fracas scenario makes for a fast played opening round. I quickly rushed my Scout forward into combat with Robert's Acrobat. I failed my roll however and Robert's model was able to counter strike.

My Scout, wounded by the counter strike failed his Morale Test and broke from combat.

Robert charged after the Scout with his models and they cut him down. I then charged them with my Chaos Dwarf, however, I failed my attack rolls.

I started moving my Heroic Archetype Chaos Warrior towards the action.

On the other side of the board, Robert charged my Brawler with a club, with his Brawler with a club. My Brawler's added Shield tipped the odds in his favor and he was able to counter.

I don't remember if my Marksman with a bow or my Marksman with two pistols wounded this guy with a ranged attack.

My Heroic Archetype Chaos Warrior really was a power house of Fxxx You! Robert's Acrobat was the first to fall.

Even outnumbered by the Chaos warrior and dwarf, Robert's Spearman was able to wound my Dwarf.

One of Robert's Martialists rushed to the aid of Robert's wounded Brawler.

and struck my Brawler down.

Another one of Robert's models falls to might of the Chaos Warrior.

Next turn, I rushed my Chaos Warrior into combat with Robert's Leader and wounded him as well.

A lot of the action seemed to start up in an old watchtower (a piece of Styrofoam spray painted grey) during the last turn of the game. Robert wounded my Leader with his surviving Martialists.

Robert's wounded Brawler engaged and wounded my Marksman inside the ruined watchtower.

My Marksman disengaged from Robert's Brawler. Now with a clear shot Robert's Brawler was then blasted by my Marksman with two pistols. By now it was the start of Turn 4 (I believe, maybe 5?). Robert failed his Bottle Test and I won the game.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Business Cards, per se

Our first business card!
Damon and I intend to show up to either PacifiCon or CelestiCon this year.  Planning has been a bit slow but I'm sure this is the year where we can do a few demoes of the MEST Basic Rules.  We're thinking that the "retropocalypse" genre will be a good start.

Any how, I got some business cards to hand out.  Not really; I mean they are business cards but we're not selling anything.  Just informational awareness; we want people to help us out.  I'll drop a few off at the nearby Game Kastle and a few other places.

I'll have them at every Con that I'll attend from this period forward.