Friday, February 16, 2024

Diplomacy 3D Glow-up

So, at one point I decided to create a gift for a friend who like the game known as Diplomacy.

I went at it for several weeks. I had thought I posted that information here on this blog site months ago, but I didn't find any evidence. 

After I completed the set, the plan was to get together seven (7) dedicated players from among our circle of gamer relations and do an all-day gaming session. Our industry (tech worker) is pretty harsh and fast moving. That plan never took off because people started moving away. 


3D Printed via FDM for 7 players. WWI Tanks and battleships.

Labels for the supply center control tokens.

All of the ship bagged up.

A closer look at the set for the yellow player. Shown are the tanks and the ships.

I created this large frame of ferrous metal upon. Each section is collapsible and can be stored.

The map, mounted. I never created a frame.

A close-up of the map I created using Adobe Illustrator.

The interior of the large box I crafted using thick polystyrene foamboard. That tiny box holds the tanks and ships. The magnetic sections from the frame are kept at the bottom of this box.

The box exterior. Nice and portable.

The map and frame mounted upon the wall of my friend's flat.

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The originally went to Boardgame Geek. Click on that link to get more imagery.