Thursday, March 7, 2013

Version 1.5

I've been a terrible host.  Surgery and recovery for my deviated septum, change in parenting duties, and dealing with the flu has sort of kept me out of the blogging process for some time.  In those mild periods of lucidity I've been able to cobble together some old notes from Aggro84 and build MEST Basic Game Rules version 1.5*.  This would not have occurred hadn't a new user ssendam didn't gently prod me to look at what I had writ.

Wow.  It needed some work.

The latest version has several dozen changes and some additions.  Of note are the following:

  • Split STR attribute into STR and FOR.  This is planning ahead for the Advanced Game.
  • Update BP values of all archetypes, weapons, armor, and equipment.
  • Add Glossary of Terms near the end of the rules.
  • Correct glaring errors in regards to Armor X trait, and Hidden status.
  • Clarified many passages by adding more text; such as for describing what ACC and I represent on the Weapons Chart.
  • Armor Ratings for Light, Medium, and Heavy armor is +1 higher.
  • Revolvers have Impact 2 and Rifles have Impact 3.  This is "design for effect".
  • Bunches of other stuff.

Download the latest version here:

In some time - I don't know when - I'll have version 1.6 out which will add a limited magic system.  The bigger change is that I'll have to re-flow the document content to make sure everything is in the proper order.  In the mean time rest assured that version 1.5 is pretty much the standard.

* formerly known as version 1.4.1.  I decided that splitting STR into STR and FOR was a minor change though labor-intensive and went for it.