Friday, December 27, 2019

MEST :: Sacrificing Mary


This was a short MEST Tactics session between two players within the Mythos genre. I used the opportunity to prototype a new scenario and kept the number of figures low.


The year is 1928 CE. Young Sister Mary has been selected by the Abbot of the Church of Divinity to be a vessel for the Outer God Yog-sothoth and has recruited members of his other "religious" following among the Cult of Charazon to forcefully take her. Among the aide to the Abbot is a local Crazy Cat Lady with psychic powers. Stern Sister Susan of the church has discovered this and wants to prevent Mary from being sacrificed and has initiated a rescue mission.

However, this information as to when and how to prevent such an occurrence is scattered across the Eastwick Village at five different locations. The Abbot and Sister Susan need to collect that information and either use it to summon Yog-sothoth or to defeat its arrival.


Provide 5 Objective markers [ OM ].


Arrange the buildings and terrain into the four corners of the battlefield. Place one OM at the center of the battlefield adjacent to a terrain element. Place one OM within each of the small buildings. Doors are unlocked, windows are locked. Opening a door, locking, or unlocking it is 1 AP each.

2' x 2' battlefield area
4 x small buildings
6 x walls and other terrain


Visibility OR 4; it is "Night, Full-moon".


Each side receives just four models. Each side receives a model with a Light Revolver, and another model with a Light Source. For sake of simplicity, each receives another Light Revolver but "psychic" which behaves like an assigned weapon but doesn't need to be sculpted on the model.

The Church of Inner Divinity
Sister Maria receives a Light Revolver (30 BP), and Sister Primin receives a Basic Lantern (14 BP) with Light OR 6. Sister Mary receives a "psychic" Light Revolver (30 BP). Total 203 BP.

  • Sister Susan 222|222|223
    Average Leader
    39 BP.
  • Sister Maria 222|222|223
    Average Shooter
    Shoot. Brawn.
    35 BP. 65 BP with Light Revolver.
  • Sister Primin Proctor 222|222|223
    Average Brawny
    34 BP. 48 BP with Basic Lantern.
  • Sister Mary the Innocent 222|222|223
    Average Coward 222|222|223
    21 BP. 51 BP with Psychic Light Revolver.

The Cult of Charazon
Spotty McGee receives a Large Basic Torch (14 BP) which is Light 6 (Flicker). Maury receives a Light Revolver (30 BP). The Crazy Cat Lady  receives a "psychic" Light Revolver (30 BP).Total 229 BP.

  • Abbot Price 222|222|223
    Average Leader
    39 BP.
  • Spotty McGee 222|222|223
    Average Coward Cultist 222|222|223
    49 BP. 63 BP with Large Basic Torch.
  • Maury
    Average Outsider 222|222|223
    27 BP. 57 BP with Light Revolver.
  • Crazy Cat Lady
    Average Sneak 222|222|223
    40 BP. 70 BP with Psychic Light Revolver.


Forces start within 8 MU of opposite corners of the battlefield, with the Cultist setting up first.

Victory Conditions

The game-length is 4 Turns. 

  • Collection (+1 VP to most OMs collected)
  • Elimination (+1 VP if have fewest KO'd or Eliminated models)
  • POI (+1 VP if Sister Mary is in Cohesion of only Friendly model)

Start of Turn 1. The Abbot is at the top-left, and Sister Susan at the bottom-right.

This is the start of Turn 2. Sister Primin leads the exploration with Sister Susan and Sister Mary in tow. Abbot Price and Spotty McGee are out of LOS but not Hidden. The Crazy Cat Lady is in position to perform a "psychic Revolver" attack.

Another perspective. Maury is Distracted having run to the side of the house; his job is to acquire as many of the OMs as possible. Within the building at the right one of Objective Markers is seen under the fire-place.

A shot of the Crazy Cat Lady from Spotty McGee's perspective. Sister Primin is in the distance.

This is the start of Turn 3. Each of the buildings have interiors and their roofs are exposed. Many OMs are shown. Maury is at the bottom right, Sister Susan at the left, and Abbot Price at the top. Sister Primin is facing The Cat Lady and Sister Mary the Innocent is near by.

This is the end of Turn 4. Every one is Done and there's been some exchange of weapons fire. Sister Maria is Wounded, and so is Abbot Price and Sister Primin. Sister Mary the Innocent is in the house at the bottom. The Church of Divinity wins!