This is the big list of downloads. As I build out the various Google Sites and Google Drive directories, I'll update these links to point to them. A lot of these materials need to be converted from their older Aldus Pagemaker or Macromedia Freehand files before they can be placed here. Some of these assets exist as just plain-text files.

Game Designs

I've got plenty of ideas cobbled together in various boxes. I break them into categories for "Boardgames", "Skirmish" games, and "role-playing" games.


These designs are traditional hex-and-counter games. Most of them were designed in the 1980s to 1990s. These will be the slowest to upload.

  • Barbarian Suns 2.x
  • Barbarian Suns 4.x
  • Delta Command Unit
  • Giant Robots of World War II
    Google Sites
  • Starship Duel


The Skirmish genre of games involving miniature figurines, dice for combat, and lots of measuring with rulers. They'll normally be designed for specific scales such as 1:56 (32 MM) or 1:160 (10 MM).

Role-playing Games

My beloved heart-breakers.  See more at


The majority of these are in design or alpha phase. I've got parts and kits built, many solo playtests ... but they're not fully baked. However, I'll add which ever assets I have available here.
  • Barbarian Prince in my Box
  • Giant Robots of World War II the Card Game
  • Little Kingdoms
  • Monsterbot Garage
  • Moroccan Scavenger Hunt
  • The Crime-fighting Game
  • The Great War
  • World Domination Plan B
  • Heavy Metal Gun Puppet
  • Lords of the Air and Sky


These are more realized than the "skunk-works" project that I have above. I'm still troubleshooting phrasing or key mechanics. So, these are more like alpha testing.


These are various things hard to categorize.


Whenever I provide a tutorial or an interesting asset-specific blog post, I'll try to update here.


These designs I built to revise existing designs by others.