Sunday, December 31, 2017

MEST Basic Update


I really need an editor for all of my efforts.

Reading through my MEST Basic rules (the 1.6.x) I saw some inconsistencies with the plain-text and the full-color documents. I update all three files (the plain-text, plain-text booklet, and full-color).  In the full-color document this affects about 5 areas on 10 pages. If you've printed these out single-page you'll be fine. If they are back-to-back, it is pages 7-8, 13-14, 21-22, 23-24, 29-30, and 31-32.

Here's a summary of changes:

  1. Clarified that Hard Cover provides +1 Wild die for Defender Range Combat Test instead of +1 Modifier die.
  2. Clarified that Attentive is the opposite of Distracted.
  3. Clarified that Knocked-out [ KO'd ] is never Attentive, always Done, never Active.
  4. Clarified that Revive action can be applied to self.
  5. Altered plain-text to show that the Average Common Archetype is SIZ 3 instead of SIZ 2.
  6. Added Refresh Bonus Action into the full-color document; it only existed with the plain-text files.
  7. Added Revive action into the full-color document; it only existed within the plain-text files.
  8. Added Medic X; this is +X Base dice when using Revive on others and +X Modifier dice when using Revive on self. It is very powerful but it is about time to make it available.
  9. Added Healer for Common Effects; this is +1 Medic at 15 BP. For the Advanced Game, this is actually a +10 BP and +0.1 CR.
  10. Added Sharp Senses for Common Effects; this is +1 Detect and +1 REF for 8 BP.
  11. Added Smaller for Common Effects; this is -1 SIZ, -1 STR, and -1 FOR for -13 BP.
  12. Added Massive for Common Effects, this is +1 STR and +1 FOR for 15 BP.
  13. Corrected Night-vision for Common Effects to 8 BP instead of the shown 0 BP.
  14. Updated Concentrate action to show that OR Multiple is ignored, and that all ORs are doubled. This matches the v2.x rules.
  15. Updated Concentrate action to provide -1 FOR for Attacker Range Combat Test only if within Point-blank to target. Removed the -1 FOR from Attacker Close Combat Test since there are already enough bonuses available.