Saturday, December 20, 2014

MEST 2.0 low-fidelity version [ DRAFT ]


So ...

I've changed jobs yet again and now I work a bit closer to my home.  However, the effort of digging into my new opportunity - including the effort of job seeking in the prior weeks - takes a great toll upon me insofar as my available time and my ability to focus on this hobby.

Nevertheless; I have posted the low-fidelity draft for the MEST 2.0 rules!  This is a Google Drive share location which will remain in place while this blog (and the share point) lives.  The draft has numerous sections highlighted in yellow to show critical additions and portions that have changed since version 1.5.x.

see here for access to the 2.x draft:

see here for 2.x draft minus the yellow highlighting and the strike-out text:

see here for an overview of the revisions within the 2.x draft:

To Do List

I've got way too much to complete and nearly zero time to do it.  What I will do is start creating posts as to why certain sections were changed or added.  Eventually I'll get more time and start providing the remainder of the 2.x elements.  

At that point I'll replace all references to the 1.5.x rules and assets with 2.x stuff.