Friday, November 30, 2018

Last of the Pirates

More stuff from my bench.

I am becoming comfortable with my new job and so I am making more time to pursue my painting skills.

The Green Team

This is the "green team"; the set of figures that have been sitting unpainted for over a year. I primed them with a bunch of others and left them. Only recently did I begin painting again, and these were slapped and group in the green-paint themed set.

The green set is at the faaaaaar right.

I think this sculpt really accepted the paints I had very well.

This is apparently a scout. There's a spyglass at his left hip which you can't see.

I wish this one had teeth. Looks like a blow-up doll with that pose. I tried painting in teeth with a line of white but it looked weird.

This guy I gave auburn hair. The green team has the highest incidence of auburn hair in my minis catalog.

The blank stair of this dude is nice.

I wasn't sure if the guy was a halfling ... very short and stout.

Initially I wanted this figure all in greys and blacks but I decided that it was better as a ranger in forest green. Like the others of the green team, I experimented with layers of green paint and washes to make the clothing look worn and faded.

This is a DnD Minis repaint, I think. Like all of the repaints, including the Reaper Bones figures; the sculpts are very soft. As a result I take extra care in painting in additional details. The wand thing at hand I added some cotton and painted it with green and cast the light against the arm, hair, and body with some of the same green paint.

Next on the Bench

I've got about 6 Reaper Mouslings to paint. 

After that, I've got about 30 repaints for my HeroClix figures and some (about 5 to 10) metal figures in the pulp range. All of those were primed over a year ago and I think it will be a relief when I'm finished.

In storage I'm considering to either continue with the Dunjon of Death figures (all high fantasy sculpts) or to start on my Mythos / Pulp inventory. I'm leaning towards DoD because most of the figures are "The Greenskins"; orcs, goblins gremlins, and kobolds. 

I'll think about it more after I finish my repaints.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Latest Painted Minis

It has been a really long while since I painted any figures because of the long period I took for constructing the Dunjon of Death terrain tiles.

Here's my latest; I think my painting skills have improved!


Here's a recap of my escapade to this point. Just scroll down to the minis if you'd like. =)


My tools are simple cheap brushes. I actually took a matte-knife to one of the brushes and trimmed it for to create a fine-tipped brush for eyebrows and smaller details.

Old brushes.

New brushes.

Favorite brushes. Alas, the bottom one I eventually threw into the garbage bin.

Ideal solution for painting figurines. These cost $20.00 and are +3.50 diopters.

The Overview

These are various shots of how I grouped the painting efforts into color groups for rapid painting.

Team Red.

Team Blue
Starting at the left; Team Gray, Blue, Red, Green. In the back are (at left) mouslings, difficult designs, and then my cult leaders and one-offs.

Overview of my table. That is $1.00 foam-core board that I tape to my dining room table.

The Paint-ups

These are the latest batch from the set of figures I primer-coated over a year ago. My youngest daughter helped with the scene composition, lighting, and shooting each of these.

Hero-Clix repaint.

Black Scorpion?




Hunting Wabbits.


Zipp-id-dee Doo-dah!


My "blue" beard. Team Blue.


One of the cult leaders to join my red-robed cultists collection. Pulp Action minis.

Hero-Clix repaint. I really like the sculpt on this one.

Hero-Clix repaint. Another sculpt that I like and I wish there was a detailed resin or metal version. I put some effort into the eyes and mouth here.

Reaper Bones. The face had low-detail, but I did my best to practice my face-painting and eyes skill. I like how it turned out.

Hero-Clix repaint. Very nice pose and sculpt.

Reaper Bones. I messed this one really bad; I prime-coated it with outdoor black which was apparently waterproof (and acrylic paint proof). So I sprayed it with varnish finish and painted it again. I gave it a white face-mask to make it look unique.

My Best Piece

I really like this piece! I bought the very-cheap and soft-featured Reaper Bones version, but I think now that I should have picked up the resin or metal version. Many of the details don't show up very well and so I guessed or invented detail via painting various colors. 

I think that there are two other six-armed snake-demon people in the Reaper catalog, and I'll pick them up when I get the chance.

Reaper Bones "Avukavali". This is a beautiful sculpt, but low-detail because of the "bones" material.

This is a wonderful demon for my tabletop games now. I really like it. I painted various details into place from the few hints available from such a soft sculpt. The gold arm-bracers are such an example, as are the rings on various parts of the body and face.

Up Next

I have between 30 to 50 other primed-and-ready figures to paint, mostly in the Pulp! and Superhero genres, with some Sci-fi and Fantasy. I want to get them done before the end of the year.