Friday, February 24, 2023

MEST Tactics :: v.2.83.68

Here are some updates to MEST Tactics.

It's been too busy and too cold for me in the past few months to do anything recent.  

However, in this past week I've been honing the rules to work with larger models and larger numbers of models. I still play with my nephew via TTS and I've been prepping that for public consumption as well.


  • Cohesion now allows larger (SIZ 5+) models to have a higher minimum distance unless Visibility disallows it otherwise.
  • SIZ for Situational Test Modifiers in Close Combat for the Hit Test and the Disengage Test are allowed to the smaller character whether it is the Attacker or Defender. I'm unsure when this was altered to be just Defender, but it is returned. It is necessary to give smaller models a chance against giants.
  • Disengage makes it clear that the Active character is also the Defender, and clarifies that Optional Responses are disallowed, but that Bonus Actions do apply upon passing the Test.
  • Friendly Fire simplified and clarified.


  • Defend for the Passive Player Options altered to allow more nuance because having the target reposition truly is very beneficial when Engaged to multiple Opposing models.These models may now reposition to maintain their distances to the target after it is repositioned.
  • Group Actions have been rewritten and clarified. Specifically ensure that characters can always use Rushing, but just the Active character - the Group Leader at start - benefits from using the Concentrate action.
  • Simplified Concerted Attack and disallow Go Points conversion. This latter was too fiddly.
  • Go Points are now awarded 1 per 3 models above the first 3 for all Sides. This facilitates larger battles. This works in conjuction with the Tandem rules.
  • Tandem rules for Group Actions allows joining a Group for zero cost if within Melee Range of a Group Member, and at least 1 GP or IP has already been spent for that Group. This allows for faster game-play in larger games during the maneuver phases.
  • Clarified that Suppression attacks still require an Unopposed Test to allow the Disability traits such as [Jitter], [Jam], and [Feed] to be triggered. The test always passes.


  • No changes.


  • No changes.


  • [Awkward] - Added a clause for when receiving a Charge attack to penalize the character only when the Attacker is at least SIZ - 3. This prevents the Defender being awkward if the Attacker is too small to be significant.
  • [Feed], [Jam], [Jitter], and ROF X - Each of these traits become harder to use each additional time during an Initiative.
  • Reach - Added a clause for when the target is smaller than SIZ - 3 and in base-contact. If so, then any attack using the Reach weapon is penalized either a Delay token or another 1 AP.
  • Mind Traits - These include Pack-mentality, Unit, Officer, Swarm, Hivemind, and Mob. All of them have been altered to work better with the updated Group Actions rules.
  • Officer - Each unique Officer Rank within a Group allows that many additional Followers. 
  • Evasive - Clarified that it still requires an Unopposed Test when not in LOS to allow the Disability traits such as [Jitter][Jam], and [Feed] to be triggered. The test always passes.


  • Determined that Dire Wolves in the past were enormous, and so made the standard Dog, Wolf be Dog, Dire Wolf and made a smaller version Dog, Grey Wolf.
  • Stealthy > Sneaky for many Dogs and Apes because they can't really perceive (see/hear) in the dark as well as Felids (Cats).


  • No changes