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SH44SER Update :: Captain Gravity

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Captain Gravity

Human Supreme Unique Variant, Adult male

Age: 27
Allotment: 70 PRP + 60/50 SAP
Handedness: Right

Item     1×VIG  1×STA  1×END  2×DEX  4×MNT  2×CHA  3×EGO

Initial     15     15     15     15     15     15     15
Assigned    +5    +15    +10     +5     +5      -      -
Unique       -      -      -      -      -    +20      -
Adult       -2      -      -      -      -      -     -1
Variant ×2   -     +5      -      -      -      -      -

Total       18     35     25     20     20     35     14


Captain Gravity is a male human Supreme Unique and an Emergent Strain Variant allowing him +5 STA above normal human capabilities.

The Gravity Control Power
The Captain’s power is named “Gravity Control”. He has the ability to either neutralize the force of gravity (make things fall upward) or make things heavier. This is a Transformation Attack (×0.5 SAP, 10 SAP) requiring Line-of-Sight (×0.8 SAP), but with OR 2” (×0.5 SAP) that limits its Optimal Range, and does not require Line-of-Fire (default) and will hit targets automatically upon success. Upon failure, it does nothing (default).  It has the Simultaneous modifier keyword (×0.9 SAP) which makes the effect happen simultaneously with 1 AP of all other characters when not used as the first Action in a Turn.

Each successful attack by default makes the target experience 1 gravity-force (G-force or G) which can generate about 50 Damage (+50 SAP). Every Margin-of-Success increases the effect by 1 G (Gradient ×1.3 SAP). A roughly human-sized object can be toppled with a force of 5 Gs causing 5 VIG Loss each as Soft Damage for each G. A target (including the Captain) can be lifted into the air if canceling Earth gravity (1 G). The Gravity power also allows any Gs applied to be dismissed by each MoS.

A character already under the influence of Gravity Control remains so (Continual Effect ×2.2 SAP) and can have additional Gs applied to it to move it in any direction, with each G allowing a change in velocity of 10 m/s every attack.

Thus far, the cost in SAP is;

(10 + 50) × 0.5 × 0.8 × 0.5 × 0.9 × 1.3 × 2.2  = 30 SAP.

Power Skills

The Captain also has a Gravity Control skill providing DM +3.  It is a Simple Skill (3 SAP) but is applied for Transformation Attacks (×1.3) and adjusts the final cost = 30 × 1.3 = 39 SAP. This does not count as SAP spent for Powers.

Final Total of 39 + 3 = 42 SAP for Gravity Control.

Remaining SAP
The remaining 18 SAP are used for Wealth; receives 500 Pd/week Income as an allowance from “Mom” (9 SAP). This gives 32,500 Pd total as starting funds.

Captain Gravity has multiple skills in Art:* LoM 2 (4 SAP), and has skill of Vocation: Loan Officer LoM 2 (2 SAP).

Unusually, Captain Gravity also has Military Identity as a Lieutenant in the Ingurian Airforce (3 SAP).

The Air Belt

Captain Gravity augments his lateral movement with a programmable compressed-air belt plainly named “Air Belt”. It costs zero SAP because the player and Referee have reasoned it is a relatively simple Generation 4 device which should be something that can be requisitioned by the Ingurian Get-Net which is Generation 5.  It has three canisters of compressed air each with its own nozzle allowing 1 m/s adjustments for every press of the preprogrammed buttons on the belt’s electronic control buckle. Up to 3 nozzles can be active at once. There’s enough for 100 m/s of adjustment per canister. Each costs 100 Pd to replace. Normally it takes 1 Action Point to finesse the controls, but is a Short action costing just 0.5 AP is allowed to re-use the last setting.

The default Armor Value for the Air Belt is 25 AV for Light armor. The Referee allows this and that if any canister is damaged, it will not explode because it has explosion suppressants mixed in with it.

The Referee agreed and decides that it can be purchased for about 800 Pd (1000 × Gen 4 × 0.5 for Simple × 20/50 for Difficulty = 800 Pd), plus 200 pd for the buckle.

The Suit

Captain Gravity wears a double-layered Thick SpankTex full-body suit which affords just 35 AV and has the Flex keyword. It allows thermal regulation down to -20C. The suit coordinates with the Air Belt, Night-vision goggles, 6-hour oxygen mask for when flying above 10 KM altitude, and a visored open-face ballistic helmet (AV 55) which is anti-laser.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Some Clean-up on Pics

These are just my gallery of pics of painted figurines up to this point. I need to get photographs of the remainder. What is shown is 138 photos all cropped for use on my MEST character cards.

I'm really noticing that the low-quality HeroClix stuff doesn't render well even with paints, and the low-detail 25mm stuff from Pulp Action is hit-or-miss. I can understand now why many of the veteran painters opt for 32mm figurines; those have more detail whether resin or metal.