Friday, July 22, 2022

MEST Tactics :: Update to v2.83

Here are some minor updates to MEST Tactics.

The version 2.83 rules are up on the link. Here are the recent updates to the rules:

  • page 14 > Spear should be shown on this page as 37 BP instead of 27 BP, and the attributes should instead be Damage STR +2m instead of Damage STR +1m. 
  • page 25 > Added that Mission Attacker may state to win Initiative Tests on ties but receive zero cascades. Added Optimized which provides +1 Base die on Turn 1 Initiative Test if starting Mission with an Assembly that has the fewest BP. Also, the Mission Defender chooses the battlefield edge which to deply their own Assembly.
  • page 26 > Recover and Revive applies SIZ Delay tokens, and convert all but 2 into Wound tokens. This makes revived characters be prone to KO'd again.
  • page 29 > Hindrances of both models affect Revive.
  • page 36 > Reposition and Disengage use the reposition keyword instead of the move keyword.
  • page 38 > Clarified that Charge movement disallows direction changes.
  • page 43 > Convert GP to IP altered to 2 GP for 1 IP. An IP converts to 1 GP plus 1 per IP.
  • page 51 + 52 > Spell Mastery stacking. This wasn't clear and must have been removed during an earlier update; that acquiring multiple copies of the same Spell increases the Mastery Level.
  • page 66 > Simplified Busy status under the Optional Rules. I'll need to check this in play-testing and see if it is something which should move into the Advanced Rules. 
  • page 112 > Revised Mission 1 and Mission 2 to be more interesting. Revised VP conditions to have four goals instead of three. Play-testing is much more interesting now for Mission 2.
  • page 141 > Addicted X updated to include Hallucenogenics. 
  • page 148 > Burn X and Confuse X simplified.
  • page 156 > Poison X simplified.