Sunday, February 24, 2019

MEST :: Mythos ~ A Fungi from Yuggoth


Lord Malik is Defender. Prince Anton is Attacker.
This is a 1000 BP MEST 2.x scenario I played recently with my nephew and my brother. It is part of
the Mythos genre with a scenario name "A Fungi from Yuggoth". There's 10 models on each side, and so this qualifies as a "Large Battle" per the terminology used in the game. It resolved in about 2 hours, which isn't too bad for three players and that many minis.

The scenario is available for download at the MEST Tactics Google Site here;

The Situation

This is from the scenario background;

In the upper heights of Cairo, Lord Malik, wanted for murder, and his noviatiate cultists are at the Temple of Charon. They are attempting to signal a Mi-Go emmisary in order to establish a base within the area. Unbeknownst to them, one former cult member, very concerned by the turn of events after witnessing human sacrifice by Lord Malik, has warned the local constable. News got out to action-hero Prince Anton. He plus a reputable field scout from Britain by the name of Neil Dunsany the Third take with them 8 Ruga-ruga to investigate.

After Action Report

I'd say this was a very interesting turn of events. Neil Dunsany and 4 Ruga-ruga were controlled by my brother, and Prince Anton with the other 4 Ruga-ruga were controlled by my nephew. They split their forces at the frontage road before the Temple of Charon and started down the precarious terrain towards the Fountain where a Cultist with a Prayer Book is summoning the Mi-Go.

Visibility was 8" because it is Sunset, Clear. A model in Wait status allows LOS to be traced up to 24".

Lord Malik tried to stay away from Line-of-Sight but near the Fountain in order to control long-term Situational Awareness. His two Cultists with Shotguns took a high vantage behind some trees at either side of the corners near their battlefield edge in order to cover the lanes of fire coming towards the Temple grounds.

Four of the eager Cultists rushed towards a Ruined House in order to try and halt the on-coming Ruga-ruga. Two got KO'd. One of the Cultists, armed with a Semi-automatic Pistol, took to the partition wall near the Ruined House and the other went into a Tree Cluster across the way. 

Prince Anton rushed to the blind alley before the Ruined House and took some Reaction Fire from the Cultist at the Ruined House. He successfully ignored the Suppression marker and KO'd the Cultists in the Cluster.

At the other side of the battlefield, Neil and his Ruga-ruga made some way past the frontage road beyond the row of parked vehicles. There's ever so-little room for maneuver except across a large patch of Rough-going terrain. Across two precious Turns they moved towards a large outcropping of boulders while maintaining Hidden status.

Three Turns have passed, and there are two KO'd Cultists, and two Eliminated. One of the Ruga-ruga under control of Prince Anton got bloodthirsty. The constable will hear of this; it cost the Attacker about 90 BP. Not good. At this time, all of the Attackers have crossed the mid-line of the battlefield garnering them 1 VP, plus another for having downed the most BP worth of Opposing models.

However, the Defenders have completed their ritual and the Mi-go known as F4G2 arrives and sets up within 8" of the Defender's battlefield edge. It has Flight and Fear 2, plus it is armed with a Beam pistol. The arrvial of the Mi-go awards the Defender 1 VP. 

Now it is Attacker 2 VP vs. Defender 1 VP.

At the start of Turn 4, the Attackers have lost their Situational Awareness because they've divided their forces too much. The Defender's Lord Malik still maintains LOS to at least half his forces, and so wins the Initiative Test with 4 Initiative Points to Lord Anton's zero. Ouch.

As a result, there's an amazing firefight exchange with Lord Anton, and two Ruga-ruga near the Ruined house against two Cultists. Lord Anton goes KO'd and so does one of the Ruga-ruga. This awards the Defender 1 VP for the KO'd Grizzled Hero and another 1 VP for having the most Opposing models KO'd or Eliminated; Lord Anton is 260 BP ... so that was a big win.

Now it is Attacker 2 VP vs. Defender 3 VP.  My nephew was wailing at this point (he's just 10) but my brother insisted giving it a chance.

The only way for the Attacker to win is to either force Lord Malik's forces to Bottle (unlikely) or to take out the Mi-go. Unfortunately, the Defender still had one last remaining Initiative Point to spend and maneuvered the Flying Mi-go into range of Neil and two of his Ruga-ruga; all were in Hidden status. As a result, they repositioned out of Fear range though becoming Revealed

And here's the mistake. As its last Action Point, the Mi-go decided to gain some distance from them instead of using its feeble Beam Pistol (Damage is 2 + 2 Modifier dice). When the Initiative passed to Neil Dunsany, he rolled an amazing Range Hit Test with the Mi-go scoring zero successes. The same occurred for the Damage Test; the Grizzled Scout's Rifle does 5 Damage and the Mi-go became KO'd and fell from the sky.

Per the Victory Conditions, the Mi-go when KO'd awards the Attacker +1 VP. So it is 3 VP vs. 3 VP. However, the Mi-go is itself worth 285 BP which flipped the award for having the most Opposing models KO'd or Eliminated to the Attacker.

Final Score; Attacker 4 VP vs. Defender 2 VP.

It was a close game. Ended in 4 Turns.

The Photos

Alas, I forgot to take many pictures during the game-play but my brother did snap a few good overlooks on the battlefield.

View from the Neil Dunsany's perspective. That's a smoke beacon billowing at the left. There's a Cultist with a Shotgun in Wait status at the top-right tree. Neil and his fireteam needed to maneuver sharp-right across the Rough terrain because anything from the storm-cellar doors to the wall is in the LOF.

View from Lord Malik's perspective. This is one of two hills guarding the Fountain.

Mid-battlefield. The Ruined House has a lot of activity, with one the Cultists KO'd at the Tree Cluster. A Cultist with a prayer book is busy and needs two more Turns at summoning the Mi-go. He's got help, but they are falling quickly to the Ruga-ruga Soldiers coming down the side of the Temple.

Friday, February 15, 2019

MEST :: 2.x trying out some Web ideas

Spyider webs!
I'm trying out the new Web rules for use with Dunjon of Death. A very big WIP.

Essential ideas;
  • Spyiders  may shoot webbing in the form of Strands. These are [Discard+] weapons at this time.
  • Perform a Range Attack to place a Strand which are 1, 2, or 3-inches in length depending on the SIZ of the Spyider (SIZ 2-3-4).
  • Any bases it crosses are subject to the attack. A character which dodges is moved up to its Agility away from the Strand.
  • Strands stay in place but will decompose. Therefore characters will not want to be in base-contact with them.
  • A character which is entrapped by the Strands must perform an Unopposed Physicality test (STR or SIZ). Upon success, reposition either the character up to Agility away or reposition the Strand away. Maximum distance is equal to cascades.
  • At the end of the Turn, roll 2 Modifier dice for each group of Strands within 1-inch of each other. Failing to score a success removes a single Strand.

Friday, February 8, 2019

MEST 2.x :: New Character Record

Printable Cards

This is what I'm thinking the new print-and-play character record card should look like.

It's 4x6-inches and two can fit upon an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. I'm not sure what that would be upon an A4 at this time, but I remember that it should also fit well.

4 by 6 inches. Printed in red to allow other inks to pop. Print this in grayscale and the red will become gray and less contrasty, which is good as well.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

MEST 2.x :: Play-test Fire and Smoke

This is a play-test of the Fire and Smoke rules I've been working on. I played against my daughter who is just 6 but very crafty. She plays the Heroes.

Mission Size

500 BP.
Total of 5 models.


Heroes are:
  • Axela (Martialist Sneaky Leader, Stun Blaster 2, IR Googles, Bulletproof Armor 2 )
  • Hot Head (Average Flying Flame Blaster 3, Fire Armor {Fireproof Bulletproof Bombproof Armor 3})

New Orthodox Republic:
  • Officer (Elite Tactician, Auto-rifle, Psi-helm + UVGoggles, Firefighter Armor 4)
  • 2 x Tac-Ops (Average, Auto-rifle, Psi-helm + UV Goggles, Firefighter Armor 4)


The Mission takes place on a 24x24-inch battlefield on the outskirts of Phnom-pen, an ancient temple ruins in Cambodia. The jungle entrance to the danger zone has been set on fire by Hot Head, but the NOR troopers are equipped with Firefighter Armor courtesy of Power Surge Enterprises.

Axela is a dangerous Psyker Ninja.
  • NOR needs to capture Axela. When she is KO'd she gives up and remains In-play as a Captive. She needs to be escorted back to the NOR entry edge. 
  • Heroes need to KO'd or Eliminate all of the NOR.

Simple Battle Report

  • Turn 1
    The NOR Officer wins Initiative and calls in 4 Smoke generators to provide Cover. NOR moves to behind each of the Smoke (2-inch diameter) to hide from Hot Head and LOS from Axela who can see through Smoke (but not Fire).

    Alas, Hot Head takes to the top of the highest point upon the battlefield and lays down three Fire markers against one of the Tac-Ops troopers setting him on fire with 2 Burn markers.

    Alas, Axela sprints (moves twice) into position and pushes herself to psionically Stun-blast the NOR Officer assigning him 2 Stun tokens. As her Bonus Action, she goes into Hidden status behind the Cover of the Smoke.
  • Turn 2
    The NOR Officer wins Initiative again and does a Group Attack against Hot Head and hit him with a hail of bullets from the two ROF 3 attacks. However, the bullets melt (the Attackers rolled poorly for the Damage Test).

    The third NOR trooper is busy on fire with Burn markers but managers to get away from the Fire markers towards Cover and extinguish them with a Concentrated Fiddle action.

    Hot Head then performs a Concentrate attack against the first trooper and issues a single Burn marker after surrounded it with three Fire markers.

    Axela tries a Concentrated attack against the NOR Officer and issues three Stun damage resulting in a Wound. After the Fear Test, the Officer becomes Nervous with a Fear token.
  • Turn 3The Heroes win the Initiative at this time. Axela targets the NOR Officer again, but it shrugged off by the Psi-helm.

    Hot Head does a direct attack against the NOR Officer. Nothing. So he attacks the NOR trooper already on fire and issues 3 more Fire markers which results in 3 more Burn markers; total of 4.

    The NOR Officer moves into LOS of Axela, but she was Hidden and repositions away from harm though still in LOS. The NOR Officer decides to let loose on the Auto-rifle and KO's her. She remains standing as a Captive. For the Bonus Action, the NOR Officer moves into base-contact.

    The trooper with 4 Burn markers gets 2 Wounds. And spends his AP to remove the Burn markers, reducing them down to 1 again.

    The other trooper attempts to shoot Axela but misses. For his last action, moves into base-contact with his comrade to possibly help with extinguishing the Burn markers.
  • Turn 4
    The Heroes win Initiative again. Hot Head decides to lay down Fire markers near his team-mate Axela as well as the Officer. (Damn, my 6 year-old thought of this, crazy). Officer goes down, and Axela becomes Free and no longer a Captive.  Axela doesn't get Burned (rolled lucky).

    None of the Tac-Ops figures were within Cohesion, and so they weren't affected. The Smoke here helped with that.

    The troopers perform a Concentrated Fiddle Action to remove the Burn markers. I really shouldn't have tried this twice; I wasted opportunities to attack Hot Head. Fail. Fail.
  • Turn 5
    The Heroes win Initiative again with 3 Initiative points. Easily because the NOR Officer was KO'd.

    With this, the game is essentially over. Axela moved into LOS and Concentrated Stun-blast against trooper one; a Wound and a Fear token.  Hot Head layed down Concentrated Fire markers against trooper two; 3 Burn markers.

    We called it after that. It was dinner time anyways. 

The Photos

Here's the aftermath. I will need to tweak the Fire and Burn rules a little; I think that there are too many Burn markers needed to track effects. Maybe having them behave like Stun damage where after the first couple the rest are Wounds

Hot Head at the roost.

Axela and the fallen NOR Officer.

Sorry; blurry! This is the wall of Fire set up by Hot Head against the two NOR Troopers.