Sunday, August 16, 2015

Russian Art-House Mordheim

I have been a little busy with work and a social life (not involving wargames) lately.
Sadly, because of this, the hobby life has suffered a bit.
My creative juices are a flowin though after I saw this gem, Hard to be a God!

Three hours later and I'm still not sure what the story was about, but I didn't give a damn!
In the mean time, I'll just call it Russian Art House Mordheim.
Absolutely stunning visuals for Mordheim/Bruegelburg/Oldhammer fans out there!

Don't believe me?
Fine, here's some images...

...and that's just a taste of the visual feasts that await!


P.S. Don't watch it with the kids and be prepared for some gratuitous personal hygiene.
Aggro84 signing off...