Saturday, May 2, 2015

Aggro 84's Various Fantasy Model WIP's

First post in a looong time.
I finally set up a painting table again and I have been slowly getting back into a painting groove.
I took these WIP shots to look at and check for areas that need touching up.
I figured I might as well share them.
The Goblin (2nd from the left) was the first one I have painted in years.

Some classic Citadel sculpts in this batch

I'm not sure where the Undead Dude on the left came from. Some more of the old school on display here.
These are the least complete of the lot. I am not sure what color to do the thug in the middle's hair. Any thoughts?

Its good to be back painting again. I am hoping to have most of these finished by the end of the weekend.


  1. Lovely work. Still love this scheme.

  2. Glad to see you back at it, not to be rude but it has been too long Sir. You've got some serious vintage lead there, the chaos thugs all look great. If I had to vote for a hair colour on the musician I would say either yellow or platinum blonde; it will contrast well with the bluish skin tones and compliment the brown vestments. It will also serve as a focus point, especially with the eyes done and it will make the green belt buckle pop a lot more than it does.
    Then again what do I know, anything but a dirty ginger.

  3. I thought the reaper must have paid you a visit :D

    Your filthafying techniques are grand! Really like how your dudes turn out.

    That Maruader beastmen is the only one I like in range, he looks color choice on the club too.