Sunday, January 29, 2012

Basic Rules are now Beta!

MEST Narrative Basic rules beta links have been posted on these two sites:

Albeit these are just the basic game rules, they do form the core concepts of the games system and perhaps not many folks would be interested in further developing them.  However, I think that I should at least get the news out to see if there are any takers.  I'll eventually get something posted at some other sites.  I'm thinking that two of them should be The Miniatures Page and also Tabletop Gaming News.

In the meanwhile; I've been looking into Kickstarter as a venue to get the set of rules [ combined books for the Basic, Advanced, Genre rules ] into a nice presentation set.  I'm not sure what the set could be other than hard-bound materials.  I'm pondering packing it with an actual "starter set" of materials such as markers, tokens, 2D cardboard figures, 2D buildings, rulers, dice, and perhaps a CD with GENERATOR and PDF copies of the files I used to create the 2D and book assets.

It would be really cool if I could shop the rules set to a miniatures production house to cover a niche that either has not been addressed or that exists but uses an older rules set.  The ones I have in mind got minis that fit well into the sorts of genres I'm interested in supporting with the MEST game system.

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