Friday, March 30, 2012

Giant Robots Attack!

Those of you that enjoy BOTH conflict simulation games and print-and-play can mosey on over to my new Google Sites location that contains all of the current assets for the "Giant Robots of World War Two" [ GROWWII ] wargame that I created with lots of help some time ago.  I contacted my co-developer on this and got the green-light to continue development on the design.

The game is grand-tactical or operational scale for simulating conflict between battalions of soldiers, tanks, and robots of all forms between the American and German forces.  However, this is absolutely not a skirmish-level game.  It is a grognard-worthy hex-and-counter game with several innovative twists.  As I begin to flesh-out the site, I'll provide more information.

In the meanwhile, here is my Board Game Geek post on the ideas behind the game itself:
BGG Article

And here is the Google Sites:

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