Sunday, April 1, 2012

MEST Basic Rules Beta 1.2 is Ready!

The MEST Basic Rules 1.2 Beta is available right now!

I've expanded tremendously the amount of illustrated examples within the document, and added a bit more sample assemblies to help new players get a grasp on the how various genres could fit into the Basic Rules framework.

You can see the change list in the document as well as right here.

EDIT 2012.04.02-2139: 
I just noticed that the Fragmentation Grenade entry has AoE 8". 8w. Cleave 2. 88 BP.  Iit should instead be AoE 4".  1+8w. Cleave. 90 BP.

I've updated the document to properly reflect this.


  1. Very impressive looking ruleset and nice mechanics at first glance. Will have to have a better look into MEST.


  2. I hope you like them! Also, I remembered this time to link to your Blog as well.