Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MEST Basic Rules Beta 1.3 is Available!

I've just uploaded the MEST Basic Rules version Beta 1.3 to https://sites.google.com/site/mesttactics/downloads/

These are mostly minor changes as follows:

ERRATA page 10; clearly show what the Initiative Points can be spent upon
ERRATA page 26; reduce all Armor costs by 1 BP
ERRATA page 28-29; alter Armor and Bullet-proof traits to become affected by Concentrated attacks.
ERRATA page 39; Thugs faction the cost of 1 x Heavy is 96 BP instead of 104 BP
ERRATA page 39; All weapon with the Modern trait should cost +3 BP

ADDENDUM; inserted two more Basic Game sample genres ("Retropocalypse" and "Inner City Jive").
GLOBAL; I lightened the background artwork for all pages so that the text can have more contrast.

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