Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Hillbillies

Yet another WIP.
These fellows will be nice for Retropocalypse games as well as Cthulhu games.
I tried to give them a sickly grey "Color Out of Space" look.


  1. Sho'do have sum pretty tetth der stranger! Great work Aggro!

  2. Hee yah! Hit 'er again grampa! Buzzzzrwww! I think there should be one with a chain-saw.

  3. They look great. Hill Billy are awesome. I'm sure these will get a lot of use.

  4. Thanks Brummie and styx!

    Thanks Robert? I guess. :)

    Got this off the chainsaw wiki.

    "Two important contributors to the modern chainsaw are Joseph Buford Cox and Andreas Stihl; the latter patented and developed an electrical chainsaw for use on bucking sites in 1926 and a gasoline-powered chainsaw in 1929, and founded a company to mass-produce them. In 1927, Emil Lerp, the founder of Dolmar, developed the world's first gasoline-powered chainsaw and mass-produced them."

    So I guess chainsaws will work in mythos games.