Friday, January 5, 2018

Publishing MEST version 1.x

I'm going to (yet again) try to finalize the version 1.0 full-color document for MEST Basic. I've learned that for about $20 to $50 I can get an ISBN and self-publisher package (see here).

This will get me enough so that I can put an eBook on places like WargameValue and WargameDownloads.

I've also found some nice places to get low-cost hard-copy print-on-demand of the book. I will probably do a short run of 25 books and issue to hand out to first to requests to me, and give a copy to each play-tester and developer I've worked with. The rest will be given a link to download.

By doing the publishing route, I'll finally put version 1.x to rest so that I can correctly build out version 2.x.

Here's a sample price for a proof-copy (1 copy) from a POD service:

Bookbaby is one of the PODs I'm considering.

The price goes down to about $10 per book on a print-run of 25 books. That's quite affordable.

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