Friday, March 30, 2018

Latest Paint-ups


Just before winter break I had a chance to set up a painting workstation in my living room and took to painting as many figures as I could in order to reduce my back-log. I think I was able to paint about 60 figures. I've got probably another 200 in my boxes.

Part of my problem is that I'm trying to do quite a bit. Just in terms of MEST Tactics I'm trying to cover at least 6 established genre between myself an Aggro; Retropocalypse, Gothic Horror, Mythos, Dark Fantasy, Dunjon of Death, and Victorian Sci-fi. Between  myself an him we've got enough but there's always more to build out.


Additionally, for those who follow this blog I'm concurrently working on several other game systems and features;

MEST Campaigns + Character Progressions, Barbarian Suns v4 (BSv4), Superhero 2044 Second Edition Revised (SH44SER), Mech, Beast, and Infantry (MBI), and quite a few more in the skunk-works or those with low-priority such as Sarna-len Role-playing Game, Giant Robots of World War II, Hemo Rage (MEST zombies), and Cold Steam Empires (MEST Campaign setting + VSF ship battles).


Here's just a bunch of quick pics. I'm a lousy photographer and I'm just using my Android camera with three light sources. Some of the figures show up shiny but that's because I didn't get to re-spray them with low-gloss finish.

I've added captions to show more context. So here they are in no particular order of presentation.

My Ruga-ruga for Victorian Sci-fi. I plan to get some Askari and Zulus as well. My British Colonials are currently work-in-progress. All of them together will be low-fantasy, but I intend to get some steampunk figures for the named figures once I finish the main bulk.

I purchased Reaper Mouslings about 3 or so years ago. I finally got to paint two of them.

These are my newly painted Mythos cultists. Some are shiny-glossy; I'll need to re-spray them flat. The two with the yellow is my attempt at representing a light-source.

All of my Mythos cultists together. I think I have another 5 in the back-log. I also have 5 cult-leaders which are on the workbench.

My nuns. I think they are Mythos nuns. The color is historically correct for "Blue Nuns"

Some VSF clock-work soldiers.

Some Mageknight repaints. Dark Fantasy genre.

My Celts for Dark Fantasy, which I can use for Dunjon of Death.

One of my Mi-go.

Both Mi-go and a human figure for scale.

A Dungeons & Dragons repaint with a human for scale.

All of my Deep Ones for Mythos. The three new ones are those armed with weapons. That Reaper Bathalien can be used as a cult-leader for the Deep Ones, or be used in Dark Fantasy as a per se mind-flayer.

Some dakka-dakka stuff I got at the flea-market. These can serve as my Retropocalyse Vault warriors and also be used for VSF as steampunk soldiers.

More Mageknight repaints.

The two on the left are repaints. The one on the right is from Pulp Figures. These three form part of my Mythos Amateurs faction. 

A few more repaints. Again part of the Mythos Amateurs. I can also introduce them into the Derring-do genre (1920's). I think the one on the left actually is Marvel's Juggernaut figure from HeroClix.

Two more repaints. I can use these in VSF as well.

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