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MEST Tactics :: Fantasy Gladiator v2.x Cards

EDIT: 2018-06-11 Updated the images of the cards to match the current version with altered Trample and Bite traits and capabilities


I've been play-testing the new MEST Tactics v2.x rules with my nephew and brother and as a result I wanted to increase the variety. As a result, I've been updating my demo cards for the Fantasy Gladiator genre. Unlike the v1.6 version, these cards have three variations for each of my characters. I figured I'd start doing this because it makes for more interesting combinations of combatants.

I'm also using my new points-costing system from MEST v2.x. It's a bit more complex and is meant to only be used as a build-your-own tool since my intention is to have each genre document (Mythos, Gothic Horror, etc) to have pre-built archetypes for each faction. Anyhow, the new points system seem to be a bit more balanced, but only time can tell.

The Gladiator Variations :: Chaka

So, each warrior has three variations on itself. The most basic is just whatever the Sophont (i.e.; species) defaults are plus some weapons, armor, and equipment. To add some flavor, I introduced character-specific traits as well.

Here's Chaka in his most basic form, for example;

Gray Chaka. Just an Average Common Archetype plus Acrobatic and Sneaky. Don't mess with Chaka!
And here's two more versions, Red, and Blue.

Blue Chaka. Blue variations concentrate on adding Tactics or Leadership; both of which are very expensive. Blue Chaka is about 25% more (+24 BP) in cost than Gray Chaka.

Red Chaka. Red variations focus mostly on improving the character for combat. Very expensive as well; Red Chaka is about 50% more (+41 BP) than Gray Chaka. This version provides +1 REF, STR, +1 FOR, and +Brawn. 

The Others :: Perlo

I always thought that Perlo with his two swords was always unfairly treated by the default rules. In that, having multiple weapons is nice but not very cinematic in feel during game-play. And so I added the Multi-strike trait just for him.

Gray Perlo with Multi-strike. Nasty little guy.
Red Perlo is even scarier; +Fight, +Brawl, and then +1 CCA, +1 POW, +1 STR, and +1 FOR. At 111 BP, this figure is well worth the investment. When compared to Blue Chaka (above), Red Perlo is definitely more about getting into melee and kicking butt.

The Others :: Iago, Azazel, and Baal.

This is from my last post; I recently acquire and prepped some new figures. 

Here's Gray Iago. He's got Winged Flight and Bite 2 at STR 3. The Leap will offset the penalties of the [Winged] Disability trait which requires that Iago has enough room to start Flying status. Bite is now shown with a penalty of -2 Modifier dice for Attacker and Defender (when interrupted by a React).

This is Gray Azazel. You may notice that Azazel is a Robustus Centaur; he's got SIZ 5 and and Brawn 2. Compare him with Gray Chiron below. Notice that Trample is now a weapon stat-line using SIZ. The (?) indicates additional Impact and Modifier dice are received for each SIZ larger than the target, which must already be SIZ - 1 or smaller.
Gray Chiron is a Gracilis Centaur; at SIZ 5 he's smaller than Azazel but he has Detect 2 instead of Azazel's Detect 1. Otherwise these centaurs have nearly identical baseline attributes and traits. Also notice that I made the Centaurs (both Azazel and Chiron) have INT 1; this will force them to be more about speed of movement and less of leadership or tactics during game-play.

The Others :: Selgir and Medusa

My two favorite characters are Medusa and Selgir. Like the others gladiators in v2.0, I've updated their character cards and re-jiggered their point costs.

Red Medusa is the scariest gladiator in the entire set with her Fear 4. I needed to adjust that trait a bit, but the result is that it makes her cost 329 BP. Is she worth nearly triple the other fighters? I think so, that is; until I can get some archers and sorcerer figures to allow some range-combat opponents for her.

Red Selgir. Selgir gets POW 4 and Grit 2. This makes Selgir the most courageous gladiator of the entire set.  Also see the red triangles at Selgir's REF and MOV. These are the [Laden] penalties called out for wearing Medium Armor and Medium Shield. The penalties are -1 REF when Distracted, and half normal Agility.
This is Red Selgir's Fear Test comparison against Medusa. You can see that Selgir only gets 1 or more Fear tokens about 11% of the time. With the v2.x Grit rules, Selgir's Grit 2 allows him to convert one of those tokens into a Delay token instead. This makes Red Selgir able to approach Medusa usually uncompromised by Fear.


You can either go to the Downloads section or click here for the updated documents.

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