Friday, March 26, 2021

MEST Dice!

UPDATE: I recently finished moving into a new neighborhood and I've been digging deep into work. However, I have spent some time on some side projects which I will present soon.


I discovered recently that The Game Crafter has added custom dice to their list of products. This is amazingly good news because they allow low-volume orders for a fairly good price. I've been comparing their prices against other companies for years now and nothing comes close unless you place an order into the thousands.

What I ordered is a standard set of 18 MEST Dice; 6 x Wild [ Yellow ], 6 x Base [ White ], and 6 x Modifier [ Red ]. These are all 16mm cubes with the 4-5-6 faces altered to be 1, 2, or 3 pips with a circle on some to indicate that they are "carry-over" dice.

The set of 18 dice cost me $23 US. 

In the bag! Zoot alors!

yellow is *Wild* with face-values 0-0-0-(1)-(1)-(3)
white is *Base* with face-values 0-0-1-1-(2)
red is *Modifier* with face-values 0-0-0-1-1-(1)


If you want your own copy, either you can wait until I announce their availability on The Game Crafter or you can build your own "game" entry at that site using these templates below.

These appear all white, but they are loaded into the tool where you can pick your dice colors at

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