Friday, September 9, 2022

MEST Tactics :: v.2.83.55

Here are some updates to MEST Tactics. I'm nearly ready to extract the primary game into a Quick Start rules and begin building out series of illustrated instructions. 

I've expanded the semver to include minor updates. It is now the version 2.83.55 rules which are up on the link.

    The changes don't have page numbers because I've been moving the sections and paragraphs around. I recognize that I still need to work on the Interconnect System and will likely break that out into smaller sections.


    Moved Overreach into the Performing Close Combat section, and simplified.

    • Clarified Leaning and moved that into sections for Terrain and Range Combat.
    • Specify that voluntarily Exiting the battlefield doesn't make a model Eliminated
    • Bonus Actions are returned to v1.x; cascades spent don't affect Damage created.
    • Added Oversized Weapons and Armor block under Additonal Concerns section
    • Clarified Improvised Weapons by adding a block under For Attacks section
    • Clarified Laden and Armor Rating by adding a section under Some Important Traits section
    • Added Concerted Attack variation for Group Actions.
    • Collated the Hindrance types for Blinded, Heat, and Cold under Expanded Effects
    • Added Counter-spells for the Magic System.


    • Added Tricky Terrain into an Exotic Environments section for Optional Rules.
    • Moved Variable Weather from the Environs section, since removed, into Exotic Environments.
    • Added Planetary Variations into Exotic Environments.
    • Added Truly Hindered, Weapon Breakages, Motivated by Fear into Rules Adjustment.
    • Simplified Sweeping Attack, Disarm, Subdue under New Bonus Actions
    • Simplified Hurl, Slam, Drag, and Hold under under New Thematic Actions
    • Added Apex & Free-fall under New Thematic Actions
    • Simplified Noise rules a bit by re-adding [Reveal] where needed, and using [Noisy X] less.
    • Added Fantastic Energys to Noise section so as to intergrated Fantastic Items rules
    • Moved Element Destruction into Optional Rules
    • Expanded and clarified Mission Elements, and re-arranged Standard Missions layout.
    • Expanded Objective Markers, VIPs, and POIs.
    • Rewrote the first 9 Missions to match new Standard Missions layout.
    • Added Campaign Game rules with three basic formats. Included Elan and Postmortems.


    • Moved the Customization rules into their own section.
    • Create the Interconnect System section.
    • Clearly tied Champions, the Reputation trait, with Levels-of-Absurdity and Time-lines.
    • Expanded Factions to include Organizations.
    • Added Archetype Availabilty lists to Factions.
    • Expanded the Medical Postmortems rules.
    • Clarified and simplified the Allegiance Diagrams to incorporate Availabilty lists.
    • Added Loyalty checks.


    • [Automaton] - Clarified Automaton vs. Machine vs. Mindless
    • [Blackpowder] - Simplified tremendously.
    • Amphibious - Expanded to work with Tricky Terrain for Shalows, Deeps, and Rapids
    • Believer - Clarified and simplified Believer, Charismatic, Hatred, Comrade
    • Brawl X - Generalized to award +X cascades for any Bonus Actions
    • Celerity X - Rephrased to be simpler and more clear.
    • Disrupt X - Simplified
    • Horrifying X - Simplified
    • Infect X - Added. Useful as a post-Mission effect.
    • Leadership X - Simplified by removing the INT + X Turns benefit.
    • Multi-target X - Added. For Range Combat.
    • Mythos - Re-wrote Mythos, Outsider, Invader to exclude each other
    • Night-vision X - Re-wrote into Night-vision X to allow gradations
    • Reach X - Re-wroteto better handle SIZ 4+ models
    • Sensors X - Clarified
    • Splash - Added Splash > Trait. For throwing bags or glass bottles of Acid or Fire or whatever.
    • Surefooted X - Repointed. It is still very powerful on very cluttered battlefields.
    • Tactics X - Simplified by removing the INT + X Turns benefit.


    • Re-pointed many Archetypes
    • Re-wrote Common Packages & Upgrades to match the ones used for Variant archetypes
    • Expanded Archaic Equipment List
    • Expanded Modern Equipment List
    • Added Near Future Explosives List


    • Clarified and re-wrote as necessary Tactics cards.
    • Clarified and re-wrote as necessary Spell cards.
    • Clarified and re-wrote as necessary Resource cards.
    • Clarified and re-wrote as necessary Agendas.

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