Friday, June 9, 2023

MEST Tactics :: Core Rules


I've been working pretty hard at my day job, but in the evenings I'm still pluggin away on the MEST Tactics rules. Here's my checklist on progress:


  • Create full-color set for Tactics cards 
  • Create tokens and marker set
  • Create full-color set for Grimoire Basic cards
  • Create full-color set for Agenda cards 
  • Create full-color set for Resource cards 
  • Create full-color set for Dunjon of Death tile cards.


  • Create full-color layout of Core rules play-test.
  • Create 2D play-set for Fanttasy Genre characters 
  • Create rules for Dunjon of Death genre book
  • Create rules for Expansion. 

In the queue

  • Create full-color layout of Core rules final version.
  • Create full-color layout of Expansion rules.
  • Create full-color Dunjon of Death tiles


The Core Rules are the Basic and Advanced rules which are seen with the 2.x plain-text document. The play-test version is 200 pages owing mostly to many many pictures I've added. I'm using The Game Crafter now but I'll move to Amazon Kindle Publishing later. 

The Expansion Rules cover Champions, Campaigns, Character Progression, Factions, and Custom Archetypes. This will likely go to The Game Crafter first and then move the Amazon Kindle Publishing later.

Dunjon of Death is the first setting within the Fantasy Genre. I think most people already have lots of fantasy figures and a dungeon-crawl setting would be appropriate.


The Core Rules required lots of edits to alter phrasing and terms. Once I started getting them into the full-color layout and saw how some of the terms were being used, I needed to alter them. One of those terms is "Effect" which I had used for both the effect of a Trait and the reduction of that trait as a "range effect". The latter is renamed to "Attenuation". 

Same with Weapons, Armor, and Equipment. I loosely used the term "Items" for those, but I didn't capitalize or italicize it where possible. This sort of styling change I carried through on the full-color layout. I'll need to check on the 2.x plain-text document when I can.

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