Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Crumby Pics from Pacificon-08-31-2013- Santa Clara, California

Noble Pursuits Tables

I was busy running games at yesterday's PacifiCon in Santa Clara California so I forgot to take a lot of pics.
The ones I did take were pretty rushed with very few close ups.

The Fantasy Gladiator Demo. As previously shown on the blog, these figs are European pre-painted toys that Kitrok based up. They are about 3' tall on average and really captured peoples attention.

A close up with the models and their cards.

I should have taken a few more pics.
Retropocalypse Board 1

Board 1

Board 2

Board 2

A Red Army Group and their cards.

In game shot with a KO'd cultist armed with a flame thrower. Kitrok was up late the night before making a ton of burn markers that never got used.

In Game shot.

Another in game shot of a four player game.

This side of the board saw a lot of gritty up close action with a wave of angry mutant-billys charging a Survivor group.

A wounded Hillbilly croc mutant.

In game.

Towards the end.

A mutant-billy gets in close with a Survivor.

Darkest Africa

A fun looking Darkest Africa game ran by a nice
chap (Ronald Vaughan) at the table next to ours.

Good use of aquarium terrain

I wish I had time to walk around and take more pics of other games being played.

This was my second convention and the first time helping run a game at a convention. There were some obvious hiccups as Kitrok and I were first timers, but I am calling it a successful day. For the most part, we seemed to have generated a lot of interest in the rules.

Kitrok and I learned a lot, and I think things will run much smoother and be a lot more fun for the players next time.


  1. @aggro84; That Darkest Africa is Ronald Vaughans mission for Sword and the Flame. He indeed was a very nice chap. If I had time I'd have stayed and tried out the mission with him.

    I have a few more pics coming up in a later post.

  2. Looking great guys. How many participants did you end up having? Also, in the future I recommend you bring someone along to take pictures of your games so you can focus on the players.

    1. Thanks greymatterblues.
      We ended up with about 6 players in all for the Retropacalypse game.
      We showed a lot of people the Gladiator rules as a demo 1 or 2 at a time.
      It would have been nice to have someone dedicated to just taking photos and taking notes for a concise battle report.