Friday, September 13, 2013

MEST Update

Layout Changes and Rules Update

I've re-arranged some of the widgets to make the downloads available; that is now with a big red title bar at the right-side of this blog post.

Particularly of interest for some people would be the new Retropocalpyse "post-apoc" genre documents that we recently used at PacifiCon 2013.  Some explanations for the play-aides and how to use them are shown with the origin listing via the Google Sites page.  Anyhow that stuff is to the right.

Also to the right are the character cards that I used for the Fantasy Gladiator demo.  These are mapped to the Papo and Schleich 1:18 scale (90mm) figurines that I placed upon 3-inch diameter bases.

NOTE: I created a few updates to the MEST Basic Game rules in order to prepare for this post.  The furious editing ("debugging") I've been doing to the basic rules has quieted down a bit now since I had to scramble so much for the recent gaming convention. I think agrro84 and myself can probably move forward and begin consolidating and debugging the Advanced Game rules from all of the notes that I've got; some of which is laid out on the Google Groups site for MEST Tactics.  Most of this come through as we build out the aforementioned Retropocalypse genre document.