Friday, September 27, 2013

Repurposing Clix

Busy Busy Busy

This is one of my newest projects.

About two years ago I received for about $10.00 USD around 500 Clix figures; Mechwarrior, Mage Knight, and HeroClix. I also received a mix of D&D Minis for another five bucks. I've been anxious to re purpose them for my own needs.  Since that time I've weeded out about half of the Mage Knight and HeroClix figures.  I've not touched the Mechwarrior figures.  One really cool thing about the Clix figures is that the majority of them are very cheap to get in bulk.  A low-end figure may cost about $0.25 USD and if repainted it can serve as a minion figure. Just a note for the curious; some of the unique Clix stuff out there is crazy expensive like this Arkham Asylum Batman on a post figure that is around $125.00 USD;

The WIP Pics

Here's what I've got in the works.  This is about 50 figures that I'll slap-dash for use with my modern and supers genres among other things.

My spider mob.  These will useful to try out
rules dealing with hordes.  If that works well
then I'll get some zombies.

Some of the HeroClix.  Poor Wolverine dinna make it;
I tried using his arms on another figure but
the glue didn't take. This soft-plastic stuff
is just too oily.

More of the HeroClix.  You can see US Agent's arm
and shield upon ? Blockbuster.  Sad lot.  Anyhow it
can be seen that I've rebased the figures on fender
washers.  Metallic fender washers ...
I created these a while back.  They are magnets glued to
dowels on a stick.  Since I base my figures on those
metallic fender washers they stick in place when I
apply primer spray.  Favorite color? Black.

Here's a close-up of one of the stands.  I've got
space to hold 21 figures.  So I've got a lot of work
ahead.  And there's many more figures in old boxes.

Here is the spider horde ready for color. 16 total.

Here's my wargs ready for color. 10 total.

Here's my Clix figures; mostly supers. 50 total.

Here's my 40mm figures. 6 total.
Two of these are Mage Knight Blade Golems.

Here's my 120mm figure. 1 total.
This is a Fomorian Giant from D&D Minis.

Here's my 50 mm figures. 3 total.
These are Craals from D&D Minis.

My precious Berserk Flesh Golem from D&D Minis
that aggro84 painted for me looks on
approvingly. He yells "Let's paint!"