Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Group Shot 10/22/13

A few group Shots of all the recents together.



  1. The overall look is very great and up to the individual very good standard. This pale natural colour scheme highlight by touches of red here and there really works nicely.
    This is really how a warband works.
    Can we expect some bigger entries like ogres, trolls or minotaurs?

  2. They look great as a force yet all stand out as individuals.

  3. Thank you guys.
    I am glad you like them!
    I generally have just been painting with no unified warband themes in mind.
    It's nice to see that they all sort of tie together anyways.

    Asslessman, I have nothing big planned at the moment. I did score some funky old Grenadier giants and a big Lizard demon thing that I have yet to base and re-prime.
    It will be a while until I get to them.

  4. Great Warband! Like the battleworn look and that you have included a Grenadier demon - great mini (have one myself as well). Like the symbols on the shield as well. Looks like something that they have painted themself - really cool!

  5. Thanks Don Hans!
    I went real simple with the Beastman Shields so it would look like they painted them themselves.
    It's nice that you noticed.
    Your blog has been very inspirational for me. I love to see your take on that Grenadier Demon!