Sunday, October 6, 2013

Aggro's October Oldhammer WIP's 2013

The move is done, I have returned from vacation, work has slowed down a little and I finally made space for a painting table in the new house.

Nothing is finished yet but at least I am painting again. I tried some more "dip" expirements, however, I am temporarily giving up on the idea. Instead, I have been trying to experiment more with washes and glazes to add depth and interest.

Typically, I try to stay with very earthy, greyed out color schemes.

Any constructive criticism is certainly welcome.


  1. This stuff looks good. I'm surprised that you didn't up the metallic look on the edged weapons though they rusted look is represented well.

  2. Fantastic looking thugs and warriors the old beastmen certainly had a lot of characterful detail