Sunday, October 20, 2013

Some Completed Models 10/20/13

Well almost complete. They still need to be primered.
Unless of course I see something in the photos that starts driving me crazy.

I will post more soon...


  1. Nice colour scheme usedm they all look great mate. The bases are good as well the toadstools stand out

  2. These are really great colours and you prove you don't always need putrid green or titillating pink for chaos models to look awesome. I've always ben told that mushrooms are to be painted green with yellow spots, and yet here you are with great natural colours with still a very good fantasy feeling

    Well done.

  3. Thanks Simon. I was a little worried the bright mushrooms would detract too much, but I am pretty pleased with the effect myself.

    Thanks Asslessman. I am glad you like them.