Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stuff wot I painted in November (a day late)

Here's everything I managed to paint last month.
Not a bad go of it eh?
I went and bought a set or pastels to grind up and create my own powders with today.
Hopefully I will have some examples up soon.
Maybe a tutorial is in order?

My attempt at and Oldhammer shield design.

Side view of the same mini.

I might tone down the blue powder effect on this guys metallics.

arse end.

Nothing fancy here but I like him.

Arse end again...

An undead Japanese Ninja type?

I was least impressed with this guy. Oh well.

This guy showed up in the post as part of an Undead deal. No chariot though.

Stupid flash on the crows beak! I should probably fix that. Nothing fancy here but fairly effective.

Another attempt at an Arcane Armorial style shield. I am not sure if this type of thing suits my painting style?

side view of the same fellow

another view

I quite liked how this guy turned out. Fesh out of the Chaos Wastes

especially the horsehair.

Reminds me of a Granbretan a la Hawkmoon

Liked this green chaos knight

I would have liked this mini a hell of a lot more if he didn't have such a ridiculous hair cut. Kid'n'Play anyone?

I got these based finally

blurry group shot!

Another blurry group shot

Clearer group shot :)


  1. Wow a total blast from the past, I really like your painting style.

  2. @D Willhelm; I'd like to see a tutorial because my (albeit rare) painting sessions are still very experimental. In particular the rust effects and the flesh-tones.

  3. Thanks Robert and Robert.
    I will really try to take pictures next time I start a mini.

  4. To add to the Robert's - I too would be interested in any tips you have on on using pigments. I have some and am terrified of what could end up doing to some rather nicely painted goblins.

  5. Your shields are great. They match your style of painting perfectly. As is your colour choice!

  6. OK Rob S (another Robert?) I will definitely try posting a tutorial soon.

    orlygg, thanks for the input. I love your blog by the way.