Saturday, November 30, 2013

VSF Campaign Map

I have a work-in-progress update for the VSF campaign that I'm designing for the MEST rules.  I have several key concepts that will drive mission generation.

The first and second concept is the Region Map with a Calendar.  This allows players to seek out assets during game-play, determine travel times, timing for moon phases, and the amount of delay from the last mission.  This last part is useful for allowing skills growth for each player's Champion characters.  It can also serve as a backdrop - as it will in the VSF campaign - as to world events such as a causing cities to become war-torn and then ruined.

Travel between cities is normally a week of time which is also the minimum time between missions.  Travel modes can be by roadway, railway, or port.  If a destination city is neutral or enemy it will increase the travel costs which may prevent entering that city unless a political or wealth assets is played.  Arriving during a new moon will decrease the cost as well.  Bypassing a city during a longer path will reduce the travel costs as well.  Indexing the travel cost to the mode of travel determines the amount of time that it will take.

I've got in mind several artefacts that can be retrieved during the course of the campaign that will make travel easier such as aeronefs, walkers, autocarriages, earthborers, and moon-gates.

UPDATE: This is 11x17 and the attachment is 300 dpi.  Made Austria with Italy playable.  Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, and the Nederlands are still neutrals.  
This map is the early period of the Cold Steam Empires campaign.


  1. Very interesting concept, reminds me a little of the Fury of Dracula boardgame...

  2. @Scott; I'm hoping that the map generates interesting background flavor for the campaigns' AAR. I'll look into Fury of Dracula (never played it myself) to see if it will help me with this layout and design.

  3. Very cool Robert!
    There was some interest over at LAF as well.