Saturday, November 23, 2013

November 23rd, 2013, Thoughts and WIP's Fantasy and VSF

Here's a WIP shot of some Heavy Thugs (and a bowman thug). I used weathering powders for the first time on these. The powders were applied by adding Mineral Spirits to them and brushing the powders on. Not bad for a first go I thought.

Various Citadel minis in various stages of completeness. I have added some plumbers putty mushrooms to some of their bases. There's also a couple painted shield WIP's in the foreground.

I have been wanting to make a modular cobble stone city board for a few years now. I found these 2 foot by 2 foot pink insulation foam sheets at my local DIY mega store.

And these sheets of pre-cut dry erase board to mount the foam to.

I then cut some bits of paper to plot out how I would want the roads and waterways to be.

I didn't want to start drawing all over the foam and chopping up without laying down some terrain to see how it would all fit together first.

I will eventually carve out the roads and waterways.

I was fairly pleased with how it would all go together.

I will also create a couple different cobblestone stamp tools so I don't go crazy carving everything by hand!

Next, Robert and I have been talking about running a 6 game VSF campaign. I thought I would use these two fellows as British Vetrans who have enjoyed many off world big game hunts on Cytheria.

I painted these Cytherian Parrotmen (they only look like Kroot) a few years ago. I don't believe I have ever shared them before. I will use only one or two of these in the campaign. I will probably cut off the spikey bits from the muzzle and the butts of their rifles before I use them though. (silly GW).

I have about 5 of these DnD pre-paints that I will repaint and use as Cytherian Hounds for the campaign as well. I doubt I will use all 5 though. Next, I will have to decide who will lead this merry band.


  1. @D Willhelm. Nice start on the boards! As an idea you could do like I've done with my green-field boards by adding felt pads to the bottom of them as feet. Makes it easier to pick up and slide around. I'm sort of wanting to create a few extra (like 6) green-field sections myself but I had to cut my MDF and pink-foam myself.

    As for the VSF stuff, you are correct on the Parrotmen because the Trooper rules should come much later in our play-tests.

    I haven't the time since little Zoey came into the world but I can already imagine setting up some modular dungeon boards as well.

  2. Great looking layout so far. I shall be following the progress of the boards with great interest as this is something I plan to do in the new year. RE the Parrotmen I would leave alone the spikes that look rather good and tribal looking.

    I quite like the LA chaps I need to get a crack on with my Requiem stuff when I get the time before increasing the pile more lol.

  3. Thanks Robert and Simon!
    I am looking forward to see what you two have to offer up later!