Saturday, November 9, 2013

More Pics of finished minis, plus a basing decision

I finally managed to get some better pics of my latest batch of finished minis.
The lighting was okay.
Since I don't have a lightbox I am sort of at the mercy of the elements.
I have found pictures of my miniatures come out best on overcast days.
I should probably construct a proper light box one of these days.

This guy sat half finished for months. I am more or less happy with him.

A skull faced thug.

a ghoul

These aren't Citadel minis. I have no idea who made them as I got them as part of an eBay lot. I was going to paint this in the standard blue High Elf theme you normally see. I decided on a darker ancient race look for them.

Shield close up.

I was very pleased by the way this thug turned out.

I was happy with this fellow as well.

Another not Citadel. This guy is a Grenadier Demon.

Don't know who made this tombstone either.

I am calling these guys done. Now I can't decide if I want to add shrooms and flock or not.