Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 10th, 2013 VSF Game

Kitrok and I met for a game at Game Kastle in Santa Clara CA last night.
It had been a while since my Lead Adventure minis saw some action some I brought them along to game with.

My group, I couldn't help slipping in some mummies.I figured my Leader, the chap with the umbrella, was an Egyptian Mystic who could control the Undead. I also took two dogs the help sniff out Kitrok's Hidden troops and tie him up.
Robert's group. Sort of a hodgepodge. The lovely lady with the rifle was his Leader.

A view from my side of the board. Normally, I wouldn't have used the cars for this genre, but I forgot to bring more items of terrain along. I had left my walls in another box from Pacificon a few months ago.

A view from Kitrok's side of the table.

Early on in the game I was the first to engage one of Kitrok's Elite models.

I engaged one of Kitrok's Hero's and one of Kitrok's  Brawlers rushed to the Hero's aid.

Another view.

The mummy failed it's Fear Test after being wounded and ran off. Yes, the Mummy took a Fear test. We used the basic rules with basic archetypes. The mummies were all the "Beast" archetype. It would be nice to stat mummies up though.

A overhead view at the end of Turn 1. In a rush to collect Objective Markers, many of out troops overextended ourselves.

This chap of Kitrok's captured an Objective Marker (the crate), however; he drew a booby trap card that managed to wound him.

One of my mummies quickly finished him off.

This fellow chased after the mummy he had wounded and finished him off.

This chap started raining bullets down on Kitrok's men.After rolling an "out of ammo" result during Turn 1 that had forced him to reload.

The first of Kitrok's troops to fall to the portable Gatling gun. The fellow with the spear was also wounded.

So of my hounds finished him off.

Another one of my mummies falls to one of Kitrok's Elites.

The second kill from my portable Gatling gunner. This fellow had been Hidden, but he had spotted by one of my dogs.

The Gatling gunner then paused to admire his handiwork.

One of my dogs falls in close combat to pistol fire.

I swarmed this Kitrok's Elite with a heavy shield and took him out. We ended the game after this. It was a close fought battle me tied for Objectives but I won by one victory point for the most KO's


  1. Nice game report. love the look and style of the thrown together warbands they have an adventuring company kind of style.

  2. The very definition of inspiration! Lovely stuff, sir.

  3. Thanks Simon and Gareth the Grot.

    Kitrok and I are thinking about writing up two warbands and playing a 6 game campaign.
    Just not completely sure what genre to go with,

  4. This was a pretty tight game; we started with 10 models each. You can see where my forces got choked up on the alley-way between the two buildings on my side of the battlefield. Damon did a great job on using his speedsters (Dogs and 4 mummies as Beasts) to suss Hidden figures. I especially liked the tactic of making base-contact with the first model to but not attacking in order to avoid a possible Counter-strike but then following on with a second or third model to get the Outnumber bonus.

    If we had another Turn or so I think it may ended quite different.