Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stuff wot I painted in November (a day late)

Here's everything I managed to paint last month.
Not a bad go of it eh?
I went and bought a set or pastels to grind up and create my own powders with today.
Hopefully I will have some examples up soon.
Maybe a tutorial is in order?

My attempt at and Oldhammer shield design.

Side view of the same mini.

I might tone down the blue powder effect on this guys metallics.

arse end.

Nothing fancy here but I like him.

Arse end again...

An undead Japanese Ninja type?

I was least impressed with this guy. Oh well.

This guy showed up in the post as part of an Undead deal. No chariot though.

Stupid flash on the crows beak! I should probably fix that. Nothing fancy here but fairly effective.

Another attempt at an Arcane Armorial style shield. I am not sure if this type of thing suits my painting style?

side view of the same fellow

another view

I quite liked how this guy turned out. Fesh out of the Chaos Wastes

especially the horsehair.

Reminds me of a Granbretan a la Hawkmoon

Liked this green chaos knight

I would have liked this mini a hell of a lot more if he didn't have such a ridiculous hair cut. Kid'n'Play anyone?

I got these based finally

blurry group shot!

Another blurry group shot

Clearer group shot :)