Friday, June 12, 2015

Short Fantasy WIP post, June 12th, 2015

Thank you Robert and 24_Cigarettes!

I haven't been able to work on much this week and I have a busy weekend planned. I guess I might as well post a couple quick WIPs then.

A Dreamblade plastic Ogre. Base coat and high-lights with no washes yet.

It's funny, I was just saying "life is too short to paint plastic." the other day.

Fantasy Warriors' Wood Elf. This one is a color test as there are 4 more to do. I think the bow color needs to change as it blends in with the grey flesh tones to much. Other than that I think he is pretty much done.

Here's the color palette inspiration for the Wood Elf from the old Hobbit TV special.

And finally, some sad news. I am pretty sure everyone has heard that the great Christopher Lee has passed on. The world will be a far less cooler place without him. What a great guy.


  1. Great job on the wood elf, you've brought a mediocre sculpt to life. I've had nothing but bad experiences with EM4 miniatures, and the have horrible customer service. That is all beside the point which is that your colour scheme rocks, I'm tired of pink, pallid flesh elves with fluttering blue banners and shining gilded armour. Yours have the distinct "not to be fucked with" look.
    Your basing looks great too, I'm a basing junkie so I'm always looking for new techniques to assimilate I mean borrow. Steal :/