Sunday, June 7, 2015

Some Finished Minis, June 7th, 2015 and what is to come

Thanks Robert and Solo Wargaming on a Budget!
I still haven't tried the tiles out to see if I like the size/configurations.

I had a very productive hobby Saturday and finished a bunch of stuff and got a bunch of minis based.
I tried experimenting with different locations around my house for the best photo results this morning.
For what ever reason, on my dining table, with the blue candle center-piece-thingy gave me the best photo results. Maybe I should just invest in a light box?

Anyways, here is a photo dump.

Fun mini, no idea who made him.

cool min, bad photo, fun to paint.

maybe I will add a banner one of these days.

She was a lot of fun to paint.

Another RAFM. he painted up really fast.

out of focus.

My attempts at a handpainted wolf head shield.

I touched this fellow up so more.

More touch up here to.

Here is the painted Fantasy collection so far, not counting my plastic Skaven and Mordheim stuff.

The grey primered guys were all based yesterday. I already have some ideas for some paint schemes.


  1. That guy being carried about on the shoulders of the beast looks ace!

    Your really banging them out now aren't you :)

  2. Aggro, your "Fun mini, no idea who made him" is an amazing paint job. I like the sculpt as well.

  3. Great job dude I don't know how you turn out such high quality paint jobs so quickly but kudos for doing so and posting for others to enjoy