Friday, June 12, 2015

Short Fantasy WIP post, June 12th, 2015

Thank you Robert and 24_Cigarettes!

I haven't been able to work on much this week and I have a busy weekend planned. I guess I might as well post a couple quick WIPs then.

A Dreamblade plastic Ogre. Base coat and high-lights with no washes yet.

It's funny, I was just saying "life is too short to paint plastic." the other day.

Fantasy Warriors' Wood Elf. This one is a color test as there are 4 more to do. I think the bow color needs to change as it blends in with the grey flesh tones to much. Other than that I think he is pretty much done.

Here's the color palette inspiration for the Wood Elf from the old Hobbit TV special.

And finally, some sad news. I am pretty sure everyone has heard that the great Christopher Lee has passed on. The world will be a far less cooler place without him. What a great guy.