Sunday, February 5, 2012

Agents Raid Suspected Cultists Shanty Town!

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500 BP.  4-turn limit. 36"x36" battle-field.

3 Elite, 1 Leader, 1 Dog 
[ shotgun, shotgun, tommy gun, medium pistol ]
1 Monster (Construct) + 2 Hero (Deep Ones) + 2 Brawlers (Asylum) + 3 average (Asylum) 
[ Axe, Improvised x 7 ]

Turn 1
This was mostly maneuvering into position.  A Deep one maneuvered to the right of the battlefield and took a wound from SMG fire while sprinting between the rock and the hard place.

Turn 2 
On the Initiative Test, the Agency acquire 9 Initiative Points [ IP ].  That's a 1:1000 event.
Essentially Agency got to move all of their forces into position, pushing the AP maximum, and Refreshing at the end of their actions.  Only afterwards did Cultists get a chance to respond. 2 KO'd Deep Ones. 1 Eliminated Dog.

Turn 3 
The Cultists got into close position filing down the quad and the area next to the bottom left. The Construct KO'd sprinted down the death alley and got a swing at one of the Elites; missed! One of the asylum members follows up near by.  The brawlers, axe maniac, and crazy lady with the teddy bear totem all made base-contact.  Cultist player scored three consecutive snake-eyes for Hit Tests.  Lost two models to counter-strikes. Lost the third to SMG fire.

Turn 4 
The Agent with a shotgun next to the Construct mowed down Tor Johnson but the Construct managed to Eliminate it. 

Game ends on the die roll at the conclusion of Turn 4. Agency wins on VP as follows:
+1 VP outnumbered 3:2
+1 VP fewer BP KO'd or Eliminated

Agency still had its leader and one Agent with Shotgun. Cultists had just the Construct and the straight-jacketed asylum member remaining. Post-battle analysis reveals that Cultists would have lost eventually even if the game continued into Turn 5; Construct and asylum member were already wounded.
The Shanty Town

Looks like a Deep One got our dog!

Let the bodies hit the floor.  Really nothing can
be done once the fight begins and you fail to hit;
snake-eyes on Hit Test.

Agent leader was able to react fast enough and
blast a couple cultist as they closed in.

Mentally deranged individual with magical totem.
The totem offered Armored Gear as a bonus

Ending of Turn 4.  Very close battle in terms
of proportional material loss.


  1. Thank you for the ruleset. I have downloaded it. I´ll read it but it looks very nice game. Love the pictures too.


  2. Welcome to the rules. =)

    If you find that they are acceptable, then keep us posted with your feedback at the Google Groups site.

    Thanks! - Robert.