Sunday, February 26, 2012

MEST Basic Game Beta 1.1 is Out!

I've taken the effort after receiving some feedback from vindigo and greatly expanded the MEST Basic Rules document with more examples, greater clarity, and many additional pictures, charts, and diagrams.  As a result, the new document version is 1.1.

Here's what I remember that is different from the initial release:
  • CRITICAL FIX: Detect is affected by OR multiples.
  • CRITICAL FIX: Detect is an Opposed INT vs. REF Test.
  • Expanded sections on building assemblies of characters.
  • Added more examples.
  • Added a back-cover.
  • Added Fear trait to the Traits list.
  • Added Fear 2 trait to the Monster archetype.
  • Removed the "Fear Test" definition under Morale and Wounds section.
  • Re-balanced Weapons list by +/- 1 BP.  Improvised is now 0 BP instead of 1 BP.
  • Re-phrased Victory Conditions to be clearer and more concise.
  • Added play-aides; record sheet, scatter diagram, markers, reference cards.
  • Re-factored the Tests section and revised the associated examples.
  • Specify that measuring from a model begins within it's base-diameter.
  • Added Turn Sequence flow-chart.
  • Removed Throw action; folded into Range Attack action verbiage.
  • Introduced term "Melee Range" and re-phrased the concept of Engaged.
  • Re-phrased Move and Close Combat actions, and identified Charge Bonus.
  • Clarified Higher Ground, Cornered, and Outnumbering bonus.
  • Added numerous sample assemblies by genre to facilitate quick-play.
  • Added some additional mission types to allow for session variety.
So, head over to the download page and get the latest version.

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