Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Post Apoc Bat Rep - 06/23/2012

Wee Aggro is mostly interested in Post Apoc stuff these days so of the two of us sat down for another game yesterday.

Wee Aggro's team with their Croc Mutant. The Croc Mutant turned out to be my greatest undoing.

My team, who was better armed and supposed to be generally better at shooting. A lot of good it did them.

The board overview at the start of the game. The top shows Wee Aggro's deployment, the bottom was my side. VP's were awarded for kills, forcing your opponet to bottle out and collecting objectives (the white star markers).

Some of Wee Aggro's troops at the start of the game.

Some of my team at deployment. At first things were looking really good for me. The fellow with the machine gun (in the background) managed to kill Wee Aggro's raider armed with a flame thrower very quickly.

Wee Aggro's dead Raider.
Another of Wee Aggro's raiders rushed too far forward and collected an objective fairly quickly. He was subsequently cut down by my Leader.

My Leader gloating over his well aimed shots.

Another view of the action at the center of the board. It was all down hill for me after this.
These two eagle eyes quickly cut down my machine gunner and one of his teammates. Revenge for the death of their two brothers obviously.

The machine gunner and his buddy. The first of my forces to fall, but definitely not the last.

Another view of the action. At this point we had both had made two kills. Wee Aggro had collected one objective token so he had the lead.

This became a frequent sight. The croc mutant rushed forward up the other side of the board and started chomping on my forces.

The croc mutant used its bonus action (after successfully killing the first of many of my troops) to hide behind a ruin on my side of the board. I mistakenly thought I had it cornered.

Meanwhile towards the center of the board one of my models was trying to position himself to start collecting some objectives. He started taking heavy fire though and was wounded. By this time in the game Wee Aggro had collected two objective tokens and I hadn't collected any.

With my right side of the board wiped clean, Wee Aggro started moving his forces towards the center of the board.

Soon after this photos was taken, my Leader popped around the corner and blasted the raider with the top hat.
The Leader gloats again.

The first of many of my teammates that hit, but failed to wound the croc mutant. There was some abysmal rolling done on my part.

Angered by all this, the croc mutant responded by eating the poor fellow.

This fellow was still taking a lot of fire, at the center of the board, but managed to hold out.

The bodies started piling up around the croc mutant.

This fellow was one of my biggest mistakes. He had by far the best weapon out of anyone on the board (a heavy machine gun). I held him back too much and he ended up being extremely ineffective.

Meanwhile, the croc mutant was getting closer and closer to my heavy machine gunner and my leader. Then even greater tragedy for me. At the start of the third round, Wee Aggro rolled as well as he possibly could for his tactics roll, and I completely failed with mine.

Seizing the tactical advantage, Wee Aggro charged his croc mutant ahead and killed my leader and my heavy machine gunner! A total of four kills for the croc mutant at the end of the game.

My one saving grace. I managed to push my wounded trooper with a delay token and combined actions and collect two objective markers of my own.
At this point however, he was wounded, tired. surrounded and my last model on the board. Subsequently he failed his bottle test at the end of turn three. Final score: 2 VP's for Wee Aggro and 0 VP's for me.


  1. Great report your table and terrain looks fantastic. Croc Mutant rocks. Where did you get him?

  2. really nice layout and great mutant !

    1. Thanks Oll!
      The croc is a Dreamblade prepaint rebased and repainted.