Monday, June 25, 2012

LAM Miniatures Update - Group Shot!

I'm calling these suckers 90% done.
I'll probably go through them all one by one and make a few minor changes and touch ups before matte varnishing them.

The latest.

The lot.

Now I just have 10 LAM Ottomans to paint!


  1. Nicely done mate, What sort of gaming you planning on with these lovelies?

  2. These look fantastic! I like doggie with the MOPP suit. These I think could be perfect for Of Werewolves and Tesla Coils!

  3. Thanks Brummie. I'll use them for various gothic horror / VSF projects.

    Robert, It's funny but a lot of people have commented on the dog.
    I sort of rushed it. Maybe I'll go back and touch it up some more since it's so popular.