Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fantasy Project Update

I've been scouring eBay and managed to pick up some Chaos Thugs, Beastmen, Cult of the Possessed and Chaos Hounds.

I'm choosing Chaos themed minis because I want more of Michael Moorcock feel to this project, specifically the first 4 Corum books.

I managed to paint up a few more miniatures that still need basing. I have base colors down on 4 or 5 more that need highlighting and detail work.

Still love my micro pens!


  1. Excellent work on some lovely lead. Sounds a bit weird perhaps, but your painting style fits the fantasy theme perfectly. Can't wait to see more!

  2. I think the Moorcock direction is excellent! It may be the better setting for the Dark Fantasy genre. I also like the dirty wash you've given those above, especially the druid with the crescent.

  3. I'm not going for a straight Moorcock port, but a general theme. I should reread some of the books. Thanks for the comments.