Thursday, October 18, 2012

Old School Miniature Pay Dirt!

So I've been really inspired by some of the old school miniature projects I have seen going on over at LAF. There's something really cool about finding an old neglected miniature and giving it a little TLC.
So I've been checking ebay a lot and doing some bidding, only to watch the sale prices sore out of control.

Recently I bid on some miniatures and actually won the bid! The photo was pretty horrible. I could barely make out slotta's so I assumed most of them where old GW. I counted maybe 60 miniatures in the picture.

I figured "What the hell, I'm in a gambling mood" and bid on them, even though I couldn't really see what they were.

This is what I got:

What a haul! 100 plus totally awesome miniatures. It's amazing what fun and funky miniatures GW used to make. I really lucked out on this purchase!

I'm really going to enjoy painting these fellows.