Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Scratch-built Board Fences - Part 2

I think I'm done!    See part 1 for how I got this point.


  1. Wet paint loosens glue.  I learned quickly after dropping one of my fences that they are even more fragile after becoming wet with my various paints and washes.  My solution was to add some wood-glue to nearly all of the joins.
  2. Dry brushing can be over-done.  
  3. Black and brown ink washes are very deep and need to be dilute just a wee bit.

An ochre coat  is my first layer of paint after
allowing the black primer coat to dry.  

Here are a normal and gate fence section after
applying a diluted brown ink wash.

This is the result after applying
dry-brushing with brown. 

At this point I decided to re-enforce all
of my parts with some wood-glue because
my washes and paints loosened
the previous glue effort.

I flocked the fence post bases with
fine-grit sand and then painted them
a neutral gray because I wasn't sure
what color I wanted them to be.

Here's the finished product.  Notice that
I added a staple for the gate door handle.
It was painted first with silver and then
it was dabbled with a medium brown.


  1. Nice rustic fences!
    I tried to do something similar once but it didn't turn out so good.